Seminar with Mr. Shokmon from Sri Lanka 2018-01-26T09:57:05+00:00

Palm Reading and universal knowing
as the access way to new opportunies of life

11th till 18th May 2018

Mr. Shokmon – a spiritual master from Sri Lanka. Since his early teenage years he has very unique abilities to access universal knowing. The focus of his seminars is to pass this knowing and support the integration into each individuals plan of life. His holistic style of coaching is a simple and successful way to reach freedom within us, relaxing into the nature of our precious human being and finding ourselves in a constant state of bliss.

He receives the very individual information through palm reading and gives us valuable access to a personal and all-encompassing development. During his sessions, he opens a doorway to a timeless space. Being there, the observation of our internal world is easy and we can see very clearly where our actual state of personal expansion is.

We are able to see the experiences of life from another perspective, getting an image of who we really are and creating a healthy distance towards the entanglements in our day to day life – and their resonance. The connection with this source reveals a place of silence and peace. A feeling of „coming home“ settles within us.

„The master observes the world but trusts his inner vision.
He allows things to come and go.
He prefers what is within to what is without“.


With its quiet & peaceful atmosphere the seminar venue Shunyata Villas Bali unlocks these qualities with ease.


  • one private session with Mr. Shokmon (you are welcome to ask for additional
    personal queries during the seminar week)
  • 2 hrs of the day will be spend in the group seminar.
  • 5 hrs of the day are reserved for a signature massage and/or a yoga class
    (6 x 90 min sessions are included in the package which you can either use for
    massages or for yoga classes)
  • accommodation in one of our Villas with sea view and private pool. Single- and double
    occupancy is possible in both „Ocean View Villas 1+2 “, double or triple occupancy in „Sky Villa“
    or „Delight Villa“, as well as in the larger „Sea Villa“ (extra charge of 35 EUR per night applies).
  • a healthy and exquisite gourmet cuisine, full board.
  • free flow of drinking water in all Villas as well as in the restaurant.
  • tea kitchen in each Villa.

Shunyata Villas Bali welcomes you in an extraordinary & beautiful place where all the seminar participants have the opportunity to access their 36 meter long infinity sport pool.

Further services can be booked separately::
Padditional massages & yoga-classes, Thai-Chi, Aqua Body Work, sessions on the Spirit Wave Table.

Your investment:

Double Occupancy

  • 1 week seminar
    accommodation (double room) in Villa with private pool
    6 x 90min sessions for signature-massages
    and/or yoga-classes

Single Occupancy

  • 1 week seminar
    accommodation (single room) in own Villa with private pool
    6 x 90min sessions for signature-massages
    and/or yoga-classes
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