The Balinese New Year’s Day “Nyepi” is celebrated as a “day of silence”, fasting and meditation. It is the highest Hindu holiday in Bali and a general holiday in all of Indonesia.

Nyepi has strict rules. Thus, all air traffic is interrupted, there are no vehicles on the roads, and no pedestrians on the streets or on the beaches are tolerated. A great silence lies over the entire island, in the evening and at night it is almost completely dark.

Observance of the rules (at least the ban on going out) is expected also from the tourists. We kindly ask you to pay attention during your stay.

In 2018 Nyepi falls on March, 17.

By the way: On the day before Nyepi colorful parades take place all over the island, where you can get a great insight into the culture and religion of the Balinese people.